What to do when your Domain Name is not Available?

Finding a perfect domain name for your business can be a hectic job.


Because the first hurdle before starting a business is to come up with an artsy-crafty name that suits your business and has some charm in it.


But what happens when you find the domain of your business, the site says your perfect domain isn’t available.


Then you go on, hustling with the name making it a disaster by putting underscores adding numbers or using dis type of language.


Or you give up on your best creative name you thought was more than perfect.


We’ll tell you don’t do it.


Try this instead:


  • Buy it

Let money talk. Now we know very few people go for buying the domain because normally you get it for free then why would you go for spending money when you are just getting started? If you are low on budget then the only solution for you is to buy a new, old, inactive or expired domain.


If you find something like this then congratulations your perfect domain name is available for you to use. This happens when the previous owner discontinues the usage of the domain.


And you probably find it cheaper if it is a discontinued domain.


But to be on a safe side you must contact the owner of the domain.


  • Adding prefixes to your domain name

You can add verbs to your domain name so that you don’t need to put underscores and add or delete letters from your domain name. It will not only be easier to remember but will also look better. Or one more thing you can do is try free domain generators online. They will even suggest your names by adding a few prefixes. You will see some suggestions based on FUN, SIMILAR, MIX, SHORT and much more.


  • Extend your domain name in URL

What you can do here is add a word in your domain name that suits your brand. Don’t just go in there and put any random word. You need to make sure that the word you choose is relevant and makes sense. For example, If you are a furniture brand then you can use Lavish in your domain name.


  • Try ccTLD

You can use country code TLD in your domain name because it’s more trustworthy. However .com is the most used extension. .ru and .cu is a common spam extension and is banned in some countries.


There are some extensions that are banned in some countries make sure that you don’t use them. If you don’t want to use the country domain name then you can also use city code.


  • Use abbreviation

Use abbreviation carefully as it can decrease your chances of visibility or SEO. You can use it if you really want to go a .com extension.