Ways to Jab Hook the Attention of your Audience

Marketers in today’s always-connected world are facing the problem of engagement. The human tendency of getting bored with everything urges marketers to opt for dynamic marketing strategies. Brands need to spend a significant amount of resources to understand customer behavior and implement strategy accordingly.


In this blog, we will learn how to work with paid attention and how it can increase your organic reach.




Focus on creating content that is shareable, not likable. The number of people shares your content, more likely it is to reach their TOMA (Top of the mind awareness). Try to opt ‘feel-good’ marketing strategy in your campaigns as it gains a lot of attention with a comparison to any other. There are a number of brands who came up with extraordinary ad campaigns like


Mc Donald’s: #I’mlovinit24


Mc Donald re-launched their campaign with a better idea. While the former campaign was more about expressing feelings about Mc Donald the later one emphasized creating memories. Mc Donald targeted 24 cities in 24 hours giving 24 gifts across the world. They got a lot of engagement and created an emotional connection through joy.




Let your brand be a platform for describing the purpose and sharing the experience. Adrian Ho said, “brands aren’t just a way to describe ‘what you do,’ they are a way to describe ‘what we can do together’.”




The rage that Twitter creates after posting a comment on any brand’s page has increased the importance of understanding the experience of the customers. Complaints are now visible to everyone and anyone unlike locked into the systems of the company. Platforms like Twitter roars up the volume of every customer. So it becomes really important that you pay attention to the customer’s review. A customer satisfied is himself an advertisement.