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Multichannel PPC management

Although PPC ads are the surest way to getting the most targeted traffic to your website, they’re fraught with chances of paying an excessive amount and getting insufficient. Too many channels and too many adoptions not to mention multiple keywords targeting multiple audiences, it can become quite chaotic in no time. We use our massive experience and IT tools to exactly monitor multiple channels covering multiple keywords.

Keyword research and placement

Which keywords prompt your audience to click your ads then not just click, but also purchase from you? It takes market knowledge and skill to invest money on just the correct keywords. Right placement of the correct keywords incorporates a big impact on your conversion rate also because the money that you spend on individual PPC channels. we’ll closely study your business, your audience, the behavior of your audience on different channels, then accordingly zero-in on the proper keywords.

Landing page design, testing and optimization

Every PPC campaign must have a unique landing page because all the people who click on your advertisement will be landing on that page. Once people have clicked the link, it is the power of your landing page that achieves the remaining business for you. How targeted, focused and optimized is your landing page? We will use A/B testing, copy optimization and advanced analytics tools to make sure that your landing page gives you the maximum ROI when people land on it through your PPC campaign.

Real-time auditing of individual PPC campaigns

The dynamics of individual PPC campaigns are constantly changing. Something providing you with optimal results immediately might not perform well in the coming days or coming weeks because of the constantly changing user behavior and latest trends. we’ve our finger on the heart beat of each changing technological and customer trend on the web using our experience and analytical tools. we will perform real-time auditing of your ongoing PPC campaigns to keep them up to the mark and delivering their maximum.

Managing remarketing PPC campaigns

Remarketing PPC campaigns are different from the straight-up PPC campaigns. These campaigns target those people that have either visited your website previously and hence, have shown some interest in your products or services, or they have already clicked one amongst your ads but haven’t yet done business with you. They’re accustomed to your business but they haven’t yet committed, so, you need to keep the flame of their interest burning through strategic advertising. this is often where our experienced team can assist you. Through strategic ad copy and informative graphics, we’ll keep your business proposition before of the correct audience through the correct channel targeting.

Geo-granularity – the right keyword for the right geolocation

When you’re targeting international audience through your PPC campaigns people in several countries and even in a very different location within the same country may use different keywords or different language patterns to look for a similar business. We use advanced tools to seek out multiple combinations of keywords and search terms to assist you compile the words and phrases utilized in different geographic regions to enhance your paid search conversion rate and bring down your costs at the same time.

Ongoing PPC bid management

As we all know, most of the PPC campaigns, in almost every platform, work on the bidding system. the more you pay, the more your ads appear among multiple ads. The bidding system must be monitored round-the-clock because sometimes, you end up paying more for a similar position just because you’re not closely monitoring your placements. we’ll keep an in depth watch on where your ads appear then make adjustments to your bids to drastically bring down your PPC cost by improving your quality score and ad rank. this is an ongoing process which is very crucial to keeping your advertising budget going out of control.

Conversion & call tracking

Eventually, everything boils right down to your conversion rate. what percentage people are clicking your ads? what percentage people are using the phone number mentioned in your PPC ad to call you? we’ll keep on tweaking your ad campaigns to enable a maximum number of individuals to click your ads, come to your landing page and call you from the number listed in your advertising campaign.