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Market Research

The process of conducting focus groups is important so as to seek out out just how much commercial potential your game can have. this is often going to provide the foremost reliable feedback on the game.

Influencer Marketing

Making sure that influencers within the gaming industry recommend your game goes to be an enormous factor for your success. we’ll work on ensuring that you simply can contact the foremost relevant influencers in your gaming niche.

Public Relations

Good PR is all about the creative strategy to sell a brand. Through our integrated PR plans we have successfully launched several brands along with our strong team of individuals who are passionate about PR.

Social Media Strategies

We will handle every aspect of your social media strategies to make hype around your game. this is often an important process if you want to own a successful launch.

Ad Campaign Management

If you’re looking to form the most out of your investments, we’ll handle every aspect of your Facebook, Instagram, Google. Snapchat and Twitter campaigns amongst others.

App Store Optimization

One of the most important mistakes that mobile game developers make is to skip the optimization process in app stores. we’ll review your app store keywords so as to confirm the most engaging results on organic searches.