Misconceptions OF Search Engine Optimisation

In classical SEO times, the search engine had submission forms that were part of the optimization process. Some people don’t understand about the search engine and the use of keywords that in search engine but. Site owners would tag their sites and pages with keyword information many people want to get a high ranking for various keywords phrases. Some people think that he or she will sprinkle these words into the Meta tags and they will work like magic these are some miss understanding. Unfortunately, this process didn’t scale very well the submissions were often spam, so the practice eventually gave way to purely crawl-based engines.


Don’t expect to get a flood of traffic after your site has been optimized. Some search engines work in a fairly rapid manner, the main search engine at the present moment, Google is believed to have deliberately put aging into its algorithm. These are some tags we use in search engine optimization



Meta keywords were an important part of the SEO processes the keywords we wanted for your site to rank for your page this process was quickly spammed to death and was eventually dropped by all the major engines as an important ranking for the website that we design. A meta tag is an important tool for controlling crawler access for understanding the functions of Meta tags is important they’re no longer the central focus of SEO.



Keyword stuffing had been used in the past to obtain top search engine rankings and visibility for particular phrases. This method is outdated and adds no value to ranking today. Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique.


  • SEO reviles the concept that keyword density the number of words on a page divided by the number of instances of given keywords are used by the search engine for relevancy and ranking despite being disproved time and again, these myths has a leg. Many SEO tools still feed on the concept that keyword intelligently and with usability in mind.




The practice of spamming the search engines creating pages and schemes designed to artificially inflate ranking or abuse the ranking algorithms. The single ranking a top Google search results for the query, so it’s little wonder that manipulating the engines is such a popular activity it has become increasingly difficult. There are two reasons




Many people believe that Google is the greatest product advantage over the many years and remove spam better than its competitors. While spam still works on occasion, it generally takes more effort to know about SEO.




The search engine has done intelligent methodologies for fighting spam manipulation, making it dramatically more difficult to adversely affect their indented algorithms. The important thing is to remember is this to manipulative techniques generally won’t help us and they often result in search engines imposing penalties on your sites.




These rules are building your web site to satisfy your target audience. The benefit of following these rules is that both editors and search engines.  Most people think about the misconceptions about the search engine some think that they are the magic words but this is wrong thinking people should easily understand about the search engine