Is Snapchat Really “The Next Big Thing”?

About a year ago when everyone was talking about the famous dog filter in Snapchat, I and my colleague were deciding whether to install it or not and after a couple of minutes of discussion we decided to give it a try and in no time it was on my phone.


Snapchat is easy, exciting and full of surprises you get cool filters to update daily which makes people simply fall for it.


With its magical feature of “SELF DESTRUCTING” the messages depending on the time limit set by the user 1-10 seconds after that, your message will be gone forever. Over 150 Million users use Snapchat to share photos and videos with friends and family and to view trending events globally. You can also click snaps and post it on your Story which lasts for 24 hours, this is the best possible way to market your business by clicking snaps or making a video of a maximum of 10 seconds and posting it on your story.



  • Snapchat is the best camera application with a variety of filters you can choose to express what you feel based on your current mood.
  • Geo Filters are special filters that show ‘when’ and ‘where’ of a snap you shared in a funny way.
  • Snapchat has a huge user base which makes it an important platform to market your product or services.
  • Snapchat has one more exciting feature which tells you who took a screenshot of the Snap or video you shared resulting in finding a potential customer.
  • More than 70% of users on Snapchat are less than the age group of 35 which makes it an important platform to market your product to a segmented audience.
  • You can also edit your Snaps and videos with various filters, stickers, text, and effects to gain the attention of your targeted audience.



  • Snapchat does not have a feature of commenting or liking it is more of Views based algorithm. If you like any snap or video you have to DM (Direct Message) the recipient.
  • Snapchat is launched only on IOS and Android if you have windows mobile or blackberry it won’t work. This will lead to not reaching all your targeted audience.
  • It can be very addictive to children because of filters and exciting stories.



So, we have been through the pros and cons of Snapchat now it’s all up to you whether to use Snapchat for your business or not. But I highly recommend it for entertainment purposes and for those who are looking for raising awareness and standing out.