Introduction to Youtube Live and How it Works.

Since 2016 a great change in marketing took place as video marketing and marketers know that video marketing has a huge potential in attaining results.


What is YouTube Live?


YouTube Live is a feature where you can connect with your audience live by simply using is a live streaming feature. But before you got to do the following things.


  • Your YouTube channel should be verified.
  • You also have to confirm that you don’t have any live stream restrictions over the most recent 90 days.
  • Finally, you need to enable live streaming.
  • On Desktop, you should go to Creator Studio tool-> Live Streaming
  • On the YouTube application on mobile- create a live stream




Live YouTube supports directly youtube mobile app, so there is no reason for you to download a different application to run YouTube live.


Unlike other applications like creators studio and Capture, YouTube will run on its own no external application needed.


Just simply hit the red capture button towards the edge of YouTube application, take or select a thumbnail photograph, and then you will be ready to broadcast live.




Once you have completed the above-discussed steps you are left with three alternatives.



  • Stream Now

It is the easiest way to go live on YouTube. Begin sending your video content and YouTube will consequently begin and stop the stream for you at the correct time.



  • Events

It gives you full access to the controls of the YouTube live stream. you can check and see before you broadcast. You can even start and stop the live stream as per your wish.



  • Mobile

It lets you have a chance to stream from the main YouTube application on your phone. Once your mobile stream ends a file is saved to your channel and you will have the choice to alter the security setting or to delete the file. To qualify for lifestreaming your channel must have at least 100+ subscribers.


How to Enable YouTube Live for Android for the Very First Time


  1. Download the most recently updated YouTube application from the Play store.
  2. Choose the camera button
  3. Grant access for YouTube to your camera, storage, and mic
  4. Verify your channel
  5. Select “GO LIVE”
  6. In the event that you don’t have a channel, you will be promoted to make one in the wake of choosing Go Live.





If you want to link your live stream on a website, you need to ensure that you have an endorsed AdSense account connected to your YouTube live account. Google entered into the live streaming TV with YOUTUBE LIVE TV that gives you a chance to watch live and recorded content from significant TV channels found mostly on cables which charges a significant amount of money per month from users.