How to Increase Your Facebook’s Page Visibility In Newsfeed

With the increase in the number of businesses coming online, it has become really important to be on top. Brands now keep on flooding the news feed of their targeted audience irrespective of the quality being provided. This now ladies and gentlemen not only raises the competition but also decreases your organic reach which we all know is a big deal to lose. So the question is “What should we do to increase the reach”. There are a few steps you can opt to increase the visibility of your brand’s Facebook page.



  • Bang the Drum First

Be the first one to post newsworthy content. Always remember whatever you post online should be relevant to your audience. Don’t just post anything because you find it interesting.


If you are into content curation then you can also look on some pages on Facebook which are related to your industry. Analyze the strategy used and do your thing.



  • Use Clickbait

Click baits are the taglines you use for creating an urge among the targeted audience to read the post. Do not exaggerate in your click baits if the reader doesn’t find your post as promising as you were doing in the click baits, chances are you might lose your charm while playing with the words.


For this Facebook has also developed a survey process for stories. The users are asked to rate the content.



  • News Publishers are the VIP’s of Facebook

Facebook intends to be the supplier of real-time information delivering the news to you as it happens. Facebook supports journalists and newsrooms for exploring the platform. It also provides free ad units in user’s mobile feeds. So it is a good option for people who are into the news. If your industry is not the same then don’t post too frequently as it can decrease your organic reach as discussed earlier.


For creating engaging content you can also look at these parameters-



  • Go LIVE

Videos are the most popular category of content consumed on the internet. Attracting up to 3x more audience than texts, gifs, and infographics. Make sure the content you post on the internet is amusing and has a bit humor in it. Adding these can help you in retaining your prospects. Measure the rate of engagement on your videos and analyze your faults. Make videos in HD quality because the quality is the best business plan. You can also publicize your videos on a personal account, Facebook page or even a group.





Facebook gives you the privilege to optimize your target audience for clearing out the unnecessary hurdles coming between your ad campaign and your objective. It has 3 distinctive features. In case you’ve got less than 5000 likes to go to General>audience optimization for posts.


  1. Preferred Audience– This option prioritizes your post and shows it to the prospect whose interests match with your posts. It is based on Facebook ad tags, Open graphs, and other specific data-sets.
  2. Audience restrictions– This option helps you to restrict your post from any age, gender, location, language or any other demographic.
  3. Audience insight- This function gives you the stats related to your engagement on your specific tags.

Ask users to turn on the ‘See first’ option for your page so that they can see your posts in their news feed as soon as you post it.