Easy steps to Boost your ad campaign on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular and trending social media platform on social media these days.It has more than 600 million users with more than 200 million daily active users and that’s a huge user base. After being purchased by Facebook, Instagram is quickly evolving, businesses now looking to increase brand awareness and also looking forward to increase their daily website visitors and conversion are left with Instagram ads where they can target segmented audience according to their strategy. Instagram is a great platform to tell your brand story, share user interest, engagement and buzz with your users. Instagram is a great platform to increase your brand awareness with visual content. Don’t forget to put your logo and other details to help identify your content.

  • Promote your video content.

While thinking about Instagram the very first thing that comes to our mind is still images. However video content has a huge potential to connect with users and capture interest in very few seconds.

Video content capture attention of users while making a purchase decision most users rely on video for quick, and relevant answers to their questions. Video content to promote your business and services is very powerful. Make sure your video is informative and interesting with a decent length to easily get large no. of views on Instagram.

  • Use image as a story teller

Do research that what story your image is conveying? does your image connect with your brand?

Keep a track on what colors and fonts are you using when uploading your image. Be unique from your competitors and publish content which you feel will give you desired results. Don’t forget to build consumer relationship with your followers and subscribers.

  • Always Use Call-To-Action Button

The main role of CTO Button is to persuade your consumer to take next step in purchase decision. CTO includes phrases such as- Shop Now, Buy Now, sign-up, learn more, install now etc. without correct CTO user may not be able to take the certain next step and will leave the site without accomplishing their tasks.

  • Keep your ads look authentic don’t make your ads look like ads

Instagram is mainly for engagement and capturing interests of your consumers so that you can convert them to sales ideally. Instagram is not a platform for direct sales so if you want to boost engagement and clicks on your ads then don’t make your ads look like ads.

  • Write awesome copy

Many content writers don’t use the available space to write for copy in the description section. Use this opportunities to include various informative terms that can be used to answer the queries raised by the user.

Instagram provides 200 characters in description and many marketers don’t use them well. Use your space to write awesome copy and include relevant and trending hash tags in description which makes your post to be found by potential customers easily.

These are my simple tricks that may work for you the main advantage of social media marketing is there is always new to come so keep yourself updated and ready to execute.

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