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Digital Marketing Strategy

To effectively promote your brand on the web , we’ll spend a good amount of time understanding your business and your market, then create The best and the most apt strategy to convert your business goals into reality. Whether you would like to focus on a global audience or a neighborhood market, we’ll match the strategy accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

We will improve your search engine rankings for all of your important keywords. Instead of guesswork, we use advanced keyword research tools to first determine exactly what people are using to seek out businesses and services in your category then optimize your site for those keywords. By combining web analytics and high-quality content, we’ll get you top rankings on the primary page of search results.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services

PPC marketing brings targeted traffic to your website from the word go. While awaiting your search engine rankings to boost organically, we will assist you put in place a highly effective Pay-Per-Click marketing strategy with lower costs and better ROI. PPC advertising are often challenging when administered on multiple channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube. You need an experienced digital marketing service that uses insight and latest technology to investigate your performance and continuously refine your PPC campaigns. SocialNinjaz can assist

Email Marketing Services

Any kind of digital marketing or Internet marketing campaign is incomplete without email marketing. over 90% of the online population still uses email so if you would like to reach your audience , email marketing still remains the best and the most potent digital marketing tool available to online businesses. We can create a killer email marketing strategy for you that has broadcasting, segmentation, analytics and highly professional emails with great content and attractive layout.

Social Media Marketing Services

Remarketing PPC campaigns are different from the straight-up PPC campaigns. These campaigns target those people that have either visited your website previously and hence, have shown some interest in your products or services, or they have already clicked one amongst your ads but haven’t yet done business with you. They’re accustomed to your business but they haven’t yet committed, so, you need to keep the flame of their interest burning through strategic advertising. this is often where our experienced team can assist you. Through strategic ad copy and informative graphics, we’ll keep your business proposition before of the correct audience through the correct channel targeting.

Google Search Optimization

97% of searches happen on Google. If search engine traffic matters to your online business, you can’t afford to ignore Google search optimization – organically improving your search rankings on Google through optimized source code and optimized content writing. Our SEO experts can assist you optimize meta tags and also the main content in line with the most important keywords and search terms. Organically improve your rankings with our Google search optimization services.

Conversion rate optimization

With our conversion rate optimization services we will assist you to get more customers and clients by aligning your landing page, your homepage and your mobile app listings with the core needs of your users. We understand that you simply are spending immeasurable effort and time bringing traffic to your website and your landing page. we will assist you increase your conversion rate based on analytics, user behavior and historical data.

Online Brand Reputation Management

How do people perceive your brand online? What kind of information do people find once they look for your business name or once they look for the service or product that you simply provide? is the information negative or positive? At Social Ninjaz we’ll assist you to build a good online brand reputation strategy which will enable us to closely monitor conversations around your brand: we will encourage and facilitate positive conversations and respond effectively in case we discover negative conversations about your brand – on search engines as well as social media platforms.