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Smart Contracts Development

Enable your organization to automatically keep track of the terms of an agreement and facilitate its fulfillment at every step. We will use the Blockchain technology to implement smart contracts (also referred to as crypto contracts) to ascertain a sequence of accountability throughout your organization as well as your business partners. Smart contracts bring you the simplicity and trustworthiness of the age-old contracts and immutability and an unparalleled level of security of the cutting-edge Blockchain technology.

Multichain Development

Want to establish a personal Blockchain to carry out financial transactions through a cryptocurrency of your own? we will use the Multichain technology to create you a totally customizable organization-specific cryptocurrency. Our expertise lies in creating multichain transactional processes by deploying private Blockchains. You will have full control over your cryptocurrency transactions which will involve over 1000 financial transactions per second. we will assist you embrace the long run of cryptocurrency and Blockchain development, right now.

Ethereum App Development

Want a contracts-based, transactional app for your business built through Ethereum? Then we’ve got the programmers for you. we will build you robust applications that don’t depend upon intermediaries. Have applications that are void of censorship, fraud, third party interference and downtime (because they do not reside on a specific, real-world server-space). We can tap into the ability of Ethereum and make you web and mobile applications which will usher your business into a completely new and futuristic realm of not just technology, but also data-security and distributed architecture.

Cryptocurrency Development

You can have your own cryptocurrency with the assistance of Ethereum and Blockchain. we will develop cryptocurrency for your business for intellectual property protection, e-trading platforms, crowdfunding platforms, mobile payment services, compliance and reporting, and even the standard e-commerce interfaces. Control the way you receive and send payments without counting on third-party entities.

Blockchain Development

Unleash your web apps and mobile apps from the confines of a centralised storage system by embracing the Blockchain technology. Our web developers can use the leading edge technology to make a decentralized system that creates your system files and data available through immeasurable connected computers and mobile devices instead of from one server farm. The computers and devices connected to the Blockchain are called “nodes” in every node that uses your Blockchain application includes a copy of your data. It means, there’s no single place where your data may be corrupted. Since multiple nodes have your data in multiple copies, its validity is far more trustable. Also, your apps and data are never susceptible to malicious attacks because there’s no single place where you’re hosting your apps and data.

Why choose Social Ninjaz for your next Blockchain app?

There is a reason why we are one among the best and the most trusted software and app development companies in the world: we passionately follow the newest developments so that we are able to provide cutting-edge applications to our clients. Some more reasons to join hands with us for Blockchain development:


• Strong expertise within the field of Blockchain development, cryptocurrency and Ethereum
• A custom approach to supply unique and individual solutions
• Highly responsive team
• Faster work time
• Easy porting of existing applications to the Blockchain architecture
• Affordable, but top quality services