7 Useful Tips For Creating an Engaging Video Content

Video content is trending since 2016 as most of the time the Facebook user spend their time watching videos posted on different pages the growth of video content is mainly due to Facebook video marketing. The business should invest in video content as it will help in engaging the user resulting in ROI.




Firstly, the Internet allows us to watch videos online thanks to JIO, it has increased Internet user base in India rapidly in past months.


Secondly, Mobile Technology is evolving day by day and working hard to provide us the best user experience. Mobile devices these days have high quality and easy to use video cameras. We have apps from Instagram to Snapchat and much more making it easier to create, view and share videos.


Lastly, Content Saturation is allowing many businesses to invest in the creation of video content, with so many tweets, posts and share content it is very difficult to stand out with video content we can achieve desired marketing goals for our business as there is less competition in Video content and more opportunities.



  • Stick to Schedule

No matter what you are trying to create, look for opportunities to create consistency, Your viewers will be loyal to you if you provide them Relevant Content according to schedule, it will also help in long term success.


  • Don’t Worry about Video Quality.

The audience connects with things that they feel real, be authentic and experiment with something new.


  • Don’t Try to Create a Moment.

Instead of creating videos you want to trend, try creating video content that engages the existing conversation in your business field.


  • Ideal Video Length

The length of your video content should be 60 seconds for most of your videos the reason is simple the longer your video gets the total engagement drops.


  • Always Use better Microphone

Audio quality is more important than your visual quality because the user can compromise with video quality but not with audio quality.


  • Edit video when Background is Disturbing

Use free software such as Virtual Dj and Audacity to reduce or eliminate distracting background noise in your videos. You can keep background noises in when it helps tell your story and not distracting you.



You can measure your video content success in three ways.


  • Keep track of the resources and time needed in the creation of the video. Video Content success depends on the costing spend on the creation of each video.
  • Define platform engagement metrics.
  • Always have a conversion point, this can just be sharing your video or making it to the next video in a series.


Video Marketing has a huge potential in growing your business. However, I really think the most important thing in a good video is making it relate-able and direct as most users won’t watch your video if it 5-10 minutes or they will just skip through the video. So, getting to the point is very important for video Marketing.